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Chung Rui Tax Group’s Annual Conference for 2020
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Chung Rui Tax Group’s Annual Conference for 2020

    Chung Rui Tax Group’s annual conference for 2020 was run from 9m on February 18, 2020 as previously scheduled. Due to the novol coronavirus (2019 n-CoV) outbreak, the annual conference was held through a video conference. Leading by Mr. Bin Wei, the Chairman of Chung Rui Tax Group and Ms. Dandan Guo, the General Manager, around 160 representatives and guests from different business departments in Beijing, branch firms across the country attended the conference.

    Mr. Yuanquan He, the general manager of Chung Rui International Enterprise Management Group delivered a speech at the beginning of the conference.  He emphasized its importance of holding the conference during the strict quarantine and control period due to 2019 n-CoV, and expressed sincere greetings to all representatives and guests and best wishes to the successful conference.

    Mrs. Dandan Guo, the General Manager summarized the main achievements made by Chung Rui Tax Group in 2019 and announced the development outline for 2020. In 2020, our work would be carried out surrounding the theme of "identification" and "recognition", and focus on our objective of spreading over our branding continuously. Not only all partners and employees but also our clients, administrative staff and other relevant parties should well recognize our brand.

The work outline is composed of the following six parts:
(1) Strengthen our branding and continuously expand its influence;
(2) Sort out our internal governance structure and implement the integrated construction methodology;
(3) Focus on market development and fully utilize key resources to bring good business results;
(4) Promote the cooperative mode at provincial level and optimize the service network;
(5) Strengthen talents training and make every effort in education and training;
(6) Strengthen the construction of the party and the league and promote a comprehensive development of our various tasks.

    The implementation of the above tasks must be completed by all of us. Let’s focus on our objective and work hard to successfully complete for 2020!

    Mr. Bin Wei, the Chairman of Chung Rui Tax Group pointed out in his speech that each of the six tasks in the work outline is very important. He particularly emphasized the “Identification” and “Recognition” of our brands. A tight fist is more powerful than the opening five fingers. We need a unified image and caliber to radiate from our headquarter to everywhere in China, from our competent departments to our taxation firms, and then, to our taxpayers and our clients. It would play an important role in focusing our brand image, expanding our influence and forming a synergy of our Chung Rui Tax Group brand and local brands.

    Subsequently, Mr. Rock Zhao, the director of Chung Rui Tax Group and the committee member of Talent Development, Education and Training Committee, introduced the committee’s training plan. He firstly showed the public lesson plan this year, and encouraged local taxation firms to recommend their outstanding professionals to be a part of our speaker team. With the continuous launching of our public lessons, our brand value will be further enhanced. 
    During the conference, individual and team awards were granted to those who made outstanding contributions to Chung Rui Tax Group in 2019. The individual award was granted to Mr. Rock Zhao, Mrs. Eva Tian, Mrs. Guiping Zhao and Mrs. Ran Tao. The team award was acquired by Shanghai branch leading by Mrs. Xiaomei Shan. Let's express our congratulation to the winning team and four individuals. We hope that other teams and employees can make more achievements in the future.

    The brooch is made by 18K gold with Chung Rui logo. Wearing it means that you and Chung Rui share the same honor and humiliation, rely on each other and move forward and backward. That would be grateful if you could make it more shining and our Chung Rui brand more loudly!
    Ms. Hongyan Dong of the newly joined Xinjiang team gave a brief introduction about her team's strengths and business scopes, which helped every participant to have a better understanding of her team.

    The keynote speeches with the topic of “Transforming the Chungrui Tax Group's advantages into incremental business.” were arranged during the conference.  Eight partners shared their experiences about carrying out their business locally with real cases. 

(1)Mrs. Yanfu Cai, the director of Chung Rui Tax Group and Beijing tax department no. 1 made a presentation on “High net worth individuals and how to offer tax services to conglomerate”; 
(2)Mrs. Ling Zhu, the vice chairman of Chung Rui Tax Group, chairman and general manager of Chung Rui (Shandong) Tax Group gave a speech about “cross-border cooperation and risk of representation”; 
(3)Mrs. Xiaomei Shan, the senior tax partner of Chung Rui Tax Group Shanghai branch shared their plan during the prevention and control period, and a good vision of deeply working on private equity funds and science and technology innovation; 
(4)Mrs.Zhang Jie,the partner from Chung Rui (Shandong) Taian branch introduced how to develop business in the revolving circumstances; 
(5)Mrs. Enxin Luo, the director of Chung Rui (Shandong) Tianyongxin branch, shared his land VAT marketing experiences; 
(6)Ms. Liu Jing from Chung Rui FESCO Outsourcing Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. introduced the advantages of each business function and shared business cooperation model; 
(7)Mr.Liangwen Niu of Chung Rui Guangdong firm shared valuable experiences about branding promotion, team management and service products with his operating experiences for many year;
(8)Mrs. Hongli Mao, the tax partner of Chung Rui Lijiang branch told us a real case about how to bid a potential client and pointed out daily trainings are beneficial to our work subliminally.

    After a lunch break, Mr. Fulong Yao from Beijing Tax Service Department was invited to share the key points of operating tax-related service information collection system. He explained the tax-related service information collection and the rules of information collection form so we got to know the system. We also invited Ms. Xin Wang, the product officer of Wolters Kluwer to introduce how to use financial and tax information system and explained its adaptabilities through a step-by-step demonstration.  In addition, Mr. Jianping Su, the deputy general manager of Tax Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. explained the existing problems about corporate tax risk management and demonstrated on how to use tax cloud platform to solve them. Finally, Mr. Xuefeng Zhang, the general manager of Beijing Leqi Software Co., Ltd.introduced the “Audit Collaboration Platform” to the participants and demonstrated on how to use each function on the platform. We were impressed by his detailed introduction by combing theory with practice of the software.