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New Year Greeting from Chung Rui Tax Group: Farewell 2019 and Welcome 2020!
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    The year of 2019 is over, which indicated that we are going to say goodbye to the decade with full of struggles and memories. With the commencement of 20th Century, we have entered into year 2020, which is also filled with hopes and challenges.


    In the past year, Chung Rui Tax Group has remained as the AAAAA tax agent firm taking up the fifth ranking among the Top 100 Tax Agents in China.

    In 2019, Chung Rui Tax Group and China Tax Association jointly held "Payroll, Social Security and Tax" integrated training which make our firm well recommended by China Tax Association and awarded as the special training base. The award will be officially granted before the Chinese lunar new year of 2020. From February 16 to 18, 2020, we will undertake the “China Individual Income Tax (“IIT”) Annual Reconciliation” training sponsored by China Tax Association. Taking the chance of China IIT reform, we will unreservedly share our experiences and insights from our accumulative hard-working in this area and continue to carry out the second-round training of “Payroll, Social Security and Tax” in the next half year of 2020.

    In 2019, Chung Rui Tax Group held the third "Chung Rui Cup" of Large Enterprise Tax Research and presented the Golden Crane Award, as well as organized the Tax Forum of Large Enterprises jointly with Jilin Finance University.

    In 2019, Chung Rui Tax Group participated in the first “UBBS” commercial service exhibition.  Our tax partner, Mr. Zhao Yan delivered a speech in terms of China IIT reform in the sub-forum of tax cut and fee reduction. His speech was warmly welcomed by the participants!

    In 2019, Chung Rui Tax Group participated to the “Economic and Taxation Issue of E-platform” survey which was jointly organized by China Tax Association and State Union of Industry and Commerce. Four Certified Taxation Agents within China have been selected to participate to this activity. We have successfully completed the task with the leading of Mrs. Shanxiaomei, our tax partner based in Shanghai.

    In 2019, Chung Rui Tax Group jointly cooperated with other 21 tax firms to initiate the “One Belt and One Road” tax service alliance.

    In 2019, the China Taxation Association issued more than 20 business guidelines, of which the "Guideline for IIT declaration agency service" was completed by our tax partner, Mr. Zhao Yan. 

    At the time of China Tax Association Re-election in 2019, Chung Rui Tax Group took an active part into it. Two partners were designated as the director and executive director of China Tax Association. The other two were elected as the vice-chairman of the Local Tax Association, and four were elected as the directors of the Local Tax Association.

    We have defined our Vision, Mission and Values for 2020 as follows:-

    1. Our Vision: Become a trusted word-glass professional service firm

    2. Our Mission: Professionals achieve dreams

    3. Our Values: Our Values are composed of two parts:

    Development: Vision innovation and cooperation

    Risk: Respect integrity build harmony


    In 2019, the World Bank issued the 2020 Commercial Environment Report to evaluate the business environment of 190 countries and regions. Our tax partner, Mr. Zhao Yan participated in the evaluation of Chinese commercial environment on behalf of Chung Rui Tax Group. The World Bank expressed gratitude to Mr. Zhao by listing him in appreciation of his contribution.

  Chung Rui Tax Group is the only tax agent having joined in the international accounting organization. Mrs. Tianwenyan (Eva), the tax partner of our Shanghai office, was elected as a member of Nexia International Tax Committee. In 2020, we will host Nexia Global Tax Conference and communicate with Nexia tax experts about common issues, like tax environment and international tax

Expectation for 2020

    - We will continue to strengthen our brand image, and constantly expand our brand influence;

    - We will improve the corporate governance structure of our group, and strengthen the internal control and integration;

    - We will strengthen staff training, and form an echelon of both professional and managerial talents with the aim of playing a positive role in the industry;

    - We will continue to promote the construction of the network structure of the provincial firm model and optimize our subsidiaries and member firms alliance;

    - We will take our collective advantages of both Chung Rui International Group and Nexia international network to expand the tax “Outbounds and Inbounds Services” and enhance the international standing of Chung Rui Tax Group.

    2020 is a year of tax law and development opportunities for the tax professional service industry. Chung Rui Tax Group will seize this opportunity to better serve taxpayers and make contributions to the national tax industry. Let's work together to create a better future for Chung Rui Tax Group!

    I would like to extend new year greetings to all colleagues of ChungRui Tax Group, all leaders and friends from all walks of life who have always placed trust and support on us: Happy New Year and all the best!



Chung Rui Tax Group

Mrs. Guo Dandan

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